At The Marketechs360, we understand the importance of demonstrating value and building trust with potential clients, especially when it comes to the complex process of Google Merchant Center activation within the Google Full Marketing Suite. To address this, we’ve developed a method to offer tangible results before the formal engagement of our services. Here’s an overview of how we provide prospective clients with a glimpse of the potential outcomes they can expect:

Preliminary Assessments

  • We conduct a preliminary assessment of your current online presence and digital marketing strategies. This includes an evaluation of any existing Google Merchant Center setup and how the Google Full Marketing Suite is currently utilized. Based on this assessment, we provide insights and potential areas for improvement.

Customized Strategy Overview

  • Following our initial assessment, we craft a customized strategy overview. This document outlines the steps we would take to activate or optimize your Google Merchant Center account and leverage the Google Full Marketing Suite effectively. It includes potential outcomes and improvements you can expect by partnering with us.

Case Studies and Success Stories

  • We share relevant case studies and success stories from our portfolio of clients. These examples specifically highlight our expertise in navigating the complexities of Google Merchant Center activation and maximizing the Google Full Marketing Suite’s benefits. Through these real-world examples, prospective clients can see the tangible results we’ve achieved for businesses similar to theirs.

Demo Results

  • Where possible, we offer demo results or simulations based on your specific business scenario. This could involve a mock-up of an optimized product data feed for the Google Merchant Center or projections of improvements in ad performance within the Google Full Marketing Suite. These demos provide a concrete example of the potential improvements and optimizations we can achieve.

Free Workshops and Webinars

  • We invite prospective clients to attend free workshops and webinars that we host on topics related to Google Merchant Center activation and optimizing the use of the Google Full Marketing Suite. These sessions not only offer valuable insights and tips but also showcase our expertise and the depth of knowledge we can bring to your digital marketing efforts.