At The Marketechs360, we value the long-term relationships we build with our clients, especially those seeking video production services for mass distribution on short-form platforms. To encourage these enduring partnerships and to motivate our clients to refer other businesses to us, we’ve developed a comprehensive set of long-term incentives. These incentives are designed to offer ongoing value, enhance client satisfaction, and foster a community of mutual growth. Here’s an overview of the incentives we provide:

Loyalty Discounts

  • Service Discounts: We offer loyalty discounts to our long-term clients. These discounts apply to future video production projects and are scaled based on the duration and volume of the partnership, making continued collaboration more advantageous.

Referral Benefits

  • Rewards for Referrals: Clients who refer new businesses to our video production services receive benefits, which could include discounts on their next projects, complimentary additional services such as extra editing rounds or enhanced graphics, or even direct financial incentives.

Priority Project Scheduling

  • Fast-Track Service: Long-term clients and those who refer others to us enjoy priority in project scheduling. This means quicker turnaround times for their projects, ensuring that their content is produced and ready for distribution when needed.

Exclusive Access to New Features

  • Early Adoption: We frequently innovate and introduce new features and capabilities in our video production and distribution services. Our long-term clients and those who refer new business to us get exclusive early access to these innovations, keeping them ahead in the competitive landscape of short-form content.

Customized Content Strategy Sessions

  • Strategic Planning Support: Regular, customized content strategy sessions are available to our long-term clients, helping them refine their video content strategies to better align with evolving market trends and platform algorithms.

Enhanced Support and Communication

  • Dedicated Support: Long-term clients benefit from enhanced support levels, including direct communication lines with senior team members for strategic advice and rapid resolution of any concerns.